Agaou is the god who rules over thunder, rain, lightning, wind, storm and earthquake. Very powerfull and violent, Agaou is feared and respected by all. It is said that when the earth tremors, it is because Agaou is angry. One has to be very strong to harbor this spirit. His possessions are so violent, there have been deaths associated with them. Even Mambo and Hougan are affraid of this spirit. When Agaou comes in possession people are trembling of fear cause his voice is like the thunder itself and he's always ready to beat those who do not serve him correctly, with his machette or sword. In possession he keeps repeating " It is I who am the gunner of God; when I roar the earth trembles." The image of St Michel is used to represent Agaou.

Alternatives :Agaou Wèdo, Agaou Tonnè( Agaou the Thunder) Agaou Loray( Agaou the Orage) Agaou Zèklè ( Agaou the Lightning) Agaou Lefan(Agaou the Elephant), .( who was a king of an Arada group in Africa and the father of the great ),Agaou Misan, Agaou Potokli, Agaou Bèt Sansan(beast without blood)
Colors: Red and sometimes light blue.