Tiresias Antoine Simon

Posted by on Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tiresias Antoine Auguste Simon was born in the Grande Riviere du Nord on May 15th, 1835. He served as Minister of War in the previous administration, before he got elected as President on March 31, 1896 for a seven year terms. His administration was made of some of the smartest men in Haiti, including the Scholar Antenor Firmin and, Solon Menos, a prodigious young men who obtained a Doctorate in Law, in an University in Paris. Despite having a solid administration, the financial situation of the country caused great hardships to his presidency, nonetheless, he managed to made some exemplary, unprecedented accomplishments. Most notable: The country's first railroad connecting Cap-Haitien to the Grande Riviere du Nord, followed by Port-au-Prince to Cul-de-Sac; public street car throughout Port-au-Prince. During his tenure, President Tiresias built numerous cilvil court in the Capital and created 5 School for Applied Sciences, devoted to the formation of young engineers and architects. Tiresias Auguste Simon Sam resigned amid  Haiti's heightened external debt on May 1902.

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