Sylvain Salnave was a Haitian General, who became President of Haiti after he successfully overthrew President Fabre Geffrard.  Salnave was born on February 7, 1826 To a white French man and an African mother. As a soldier, he was sentenced to life in prison on August 16,1864. The reasons for his imprisonment are still unknown. He exiled to the Turks Island on May 1865 after receiving pardon. He would not come back to Haiti until after 2 years where he was immediately proclaimed "Commandant Superieur" of the northern part of the Country, by then President Fabre Geffrard. After Successfully overthrew Geffrard; On June 14, 1867 he became President of Haiti. They were many civil wars under his presidency and a lot of dissatisfaction from the masses. Under Panic, Salnave flew to the neighboring country, the Dominican Republic with 10 of his men after the National Palace was bombarded and completely destroyed. Within a month, he was captured by Dominican authorities and extradited to Haiti where he was executed.

Years in office: 1867-1870
Note about terms: Overthrown