A respected soldier, General Philippe Guerrier was an octogenarian when he assumed the Presidency. He had succesfully commanded the Southern Black Army during the Haitian Revolution. After the Independence of Haiti, he retired from active service and became a plantation owner. As a veteran of the war for independence his deficiency in knowledge was counterbalanced by his great love for his country. He showed great moderation in exercising the dictatorship which circumstances had conferred upon him. At a word from him the peasants of the Southern Department laid down their arms. After restoring peace the government of President Guerrier undertook the problem of diffusing public instruction; a "Lycée" was created at Cap-Haitien and one at Cayes. A Council of State took the place of the House of Representatives and of the Senate. During his administration, the Postal Service was established, though the first stamp was not printed until the Salomon administration.
Weakened by sickness and old age, President Philippe Guerrier finally died in power an April 15, 1845, less than a year after his election.

Years in office: 1844 - 1845
Notes about terms: Died in office