Nissage Saget

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nissage saget

Known as a tailor, soldier, senator and last but not least, President. Nissage Saget was born in Saint Marc on September 20, 1810. He spent 10 years in prison under Emperor Faustin Soulouque. After Soulouque's downfall, his successor, Sylvain Salnave freed him and reinstated him as commandant of the army division of Leogane and after a short period of time he got promoted as the Army Chief Commandant. He became the President of Haiti after the overthrow of Sylvain Salnave. He is mostly remembered by the Captain Basch  affair. " two German businessmen Dickmamann and Stapenhort demanded Fifteen thousand dollars ($15.000) to the Haitian Government for losses suffered under Salnave and Geffrard Government on June 11, 1872, two German warships. Vineta and Gazella arrived in Port-au-Prince waters. Basch the German captain, kidnapped two smaller Haitian warships and forced the Haitian Government to pay 3000 Sterling for their citizens losses. Humiliated and over-matched, the Haitian had no choice but to pay the ransom/ Nissage Saget became the first Haitian President to serve out his term of office and retire voluntarily. He gave his resignation letter on May 12, 1874. After retirement, he moved back to his native city, where he lived  as a private citizen and died on April 7, 1880.

Years in office: 1870-1874
Note about terms: Resigned