michele domingue

From June 1874, To April 15, 1876 Michele Domingue was the President of Haiti. He was born in Les Cayes in 1813. He became the the commander of the Haitian Army  units in the Sud Department.  On June 11, 1874 General Michele Domingue was elected President of Haiti for an 8 years term. As primarily soldier, Michele had neither the stature, nor the tact of a statesman. Therefore he considered it wiser to leave the care of of the public affairs to someone he thought had the capacity to do so. He appointed his nephew Septimus Rameau as his Vice-President. One of Michele's first act as president was to sign an agreement with the Dominican Republic. The agreement established  the countries' mutual recognition and an end to the long and bloody border war between them. Haiti recognized and accepted the independence of the Dominican Republic, with the treaty of friendship that was signed on January 20, 1875 between both countries. Under the presidency of Michele Domingue, Haiti's domestic financial situation was devastating.  Domingue tried to negotiate a loan with France, which would strain the coming years. Foreign bankers and unscrupulous agents conspired in defrauding the Republic, which has made the debtor for money from which others had profited. 
The Haitian population was grossly deceived by this scandalous financial transaction. The Vice-President Septimus Rameau was accused of being responsible for the deaths of two general. He was later assassinated on a street in Port-au-Prince. Domingue resigned on April 15, 1876 and went into exile in Kingston, Jamaica where he died a year later.

Years in office: 1874- 1876
Note about terms: Resigned