Henry Christophe

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Henry Christophe

 Henry Christophe was a key leader in the Haitian Revolution. Winning independence from France in 1804. On February 17, 1807 after the creation of a separate nation in the north, Henry Christophe was elected President of Haiti. Half white, Christophe had been a slave a waiter in a public hotel at Cap Français (now Cap Haitien)  where he made use of his opportunities to gain a knowledge of men and of the world.When Leclerc's expedition arrived to retake Saint Domingue, it was Christophe who warned the French general not to land his men on the island, threatening to burn Cap Français to the ground and to fight on the ashes. Henry Christophe was illiterate, but he learned to speak English and French fluently. In 1811 Henry made the nothern state of Haiti a kingdom and was ordained emperor by Arch Bishop of Milot Corneil Breuil. The edict of April 1, 1811 gave his full title as:

"Henry, by the grace of God and constitutional law of the state, King of Haiti, Sovereign of Tortuga, Gonâve and other adjacent of the islands, Destroyer of tyranny, Regenerator and Benefactor of the Haitian nation, Creator of it's moral, political and martial institutions, First crowned Monarch of the New World, Defender of the faith, Founder of the Royal Military order of Saint Henry."

Henry Christophe was called the constructor, he built for his own use six châteaux, eight palaces and the massive Citadelle Laferriere.

Years in office: 1807-1820

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