A career soldier and a general, Florvil Hyppolite was appointed as the President of Haiti, by The Constitutional Council on October 17th 1889. 
He was born in the city of Cap-Haitien on May 26th 1828.
His administration is greatly remembered by the extra marital affair he had with Victoire Jean-Baptiste. A poor illiterate, but strikingly beautiful young woman from the country side of Cap-Haitien, who worked as a servant for his wife; Gelyne Hyppolite and was also the secret lover of their son.  After the death of his wife, President Florvil moved Victoire Jean-Baptiste to the National Palace. Not long after, Victoire started to have a shocking influence on his presidency and the affairs of state. Although not married, she openly functioned as First Lady in official ceremonies, and also played major roles in the appointment of Ministers and Secretaries of State in some of the highest offices in the government. The Minister of War, Tiresias Simon Sam whom she had personally appointed, was also having an affair with her. 
Despite overwhelming criticisms of his personal life because of the affair, Florvil Hyppolite managed to stay in power for the next 9 years, until his controversial administration came to an end after his sudden death from a heart attack, on his way the city of Jacmel, on March 24th, 1896. Tiresias Simon Sam, the Minister of war, became the next President, but obvious reason, did not continue the affair with Victoire Jean-Baptiste. She later got married with a man named Edward Jerome from Martinique, and settled in Cap-Haitien. until she died.