charles riviere herard

 Charles Rivière Hérard also known as Charles Hérard Ainé was an officer in the Haitian Army Under André Pétion during his struggles with Henry Christophe.
Rivière Hérard was born at Port-au-Prince on February 16 1789. Nothing about his early life is generally known, except that he fought with the revolutionnaries against the french and that he was an officer.
Among the conspirators who ousted President Boyerduring the 1843 Revolution Rivière Hérard was chief. Whithout Hérard's approval, on December 30 on that same year, a Provisional Parliament of Haiti enacted a new Constitution. Soon afterward, General Hérard, who had the loyalty of the army, seized control of the government, and proclaimed himself President of Haiti. 
He was during Hérard governance that the Eastern part of Haiti (Santo Domingo) declared it's independence from Haiti on February 28, 1844. 
Facing increasing opposition in the government and a rapidly deteriorating political situation whithin the country, on March 30, 1844, Hérard dissolve the new Constitution and the Parliament. Hérard went into exile on June 2, 1844, ressetling in Jamaica where he died on August 31, 1850.

Years in office:1843-1844
Notes about terms: Overthrown.