Petion-Ville is a city located on the hills east of the capital Port-au-Prince; named after one of the founding father and President; Alexandre Petion. 
Petion-Ville is one of the most affluent areas in Port-au-Prince and the wealthiest city in the whole country where the majority of tourist and business activities take place. It is a booming center for tourism, commerce and constructions.

After the devastating earthquake of January 2010, all the business in Port-au-Prince that were destroyed, have been or are in the process of being rebuild in the green and lush city of Petionville. When you get to PetionVille, you immediately realized that this is a city in construction, its commerce is buzzing; PetionVille is no longer the small suburban town that it used to be. The city has suddenly became the financial capital of Haiti, where the majority of its businesses and banks, including international ones such as Scotia Bank and Capital Banks are located. It is home to the Caribbean largest cell phone company's French speaking headquarter, many international hotels such as Best Western, Royal Oasis, El Rancho, and nearly all the embassies in Haiti. PetionVille is renown for its European atmosphere with its upscale boutiques fine European restaurants serving mostly french delicacies, patisseries, numerous art galleries and auction houses, huge supermarkets, hair salons, fitness gyms, travel agencies libraries. In PetionVille, you will find everything that you would expect to find in any international city. Businesses in PetionVille  are conducted with appearance of western normality and international standard. PetionVille has a very active night life, within walking distance are upscale jazz bars, night clubs, even gay discos and casinos.  It is truly the only city in Haiti that never sleeps. 

Petion-Ville and its residents are very visibly affluent in contrast with rest of the country. The roads and sidewalks are paved, the street are very clean and very safe at all time.Avenues like Laboule and Morne Calvaire are renowned for their palatial mansions and entrance to such neighborhoods are gated and privately guarded. Most foreign businessmen, diplomats and the majority of wealthy Haitians reside in PetionVille.  Due to the large international spending, PetionVille has become the most expensive place in Haiti. It is common for businesses to list their items in US dollars. Be prepared to pay double for nearly everything.
A stay in PetionVille is a must if you visit Haiti, you will enjoy making new acquaintances with the friendly people of this surprinsingly memorable place.

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