Haiti on ice is one of the latest push by the Haitian government, in its quest to change the projected image of Haiti abroad. I can't stop to wonder if we really are portraying the country better, with the organization of this kind of event, considering the endless amount of work laying ahead. The lack of communication with the population about this event is astounding.
Yes the people, can't stop hearing about it over and over again. On the radio, television, social media; you name it. But are we asking the right questions and raising the appropriate and legitimate concerns.

 - What is the cost of <<Haiti on ice>> to the national treasury?
- Has its organization been included in the fiscal budget; if not, then who and what is paying for it?
-What will be the economical benefits?

There is also a lack of professionalism and clarity in terms of organizing the event.
<< Haiti on ice>> official's date have been reported a number of times.
during a press conference, the event planner, Francois Irius, said 

" We have discover that there should have been security for the stadium, there also should have been a container imported from Miami, that would be used for the skating..."  The fact that even a security plan was not in place for an event expected to attract crowds in the thousands is really not a good sign. 

We are absolutely in favor of event like this taking place in Haiti, but it should be purely for economic reasons, priorities must be set straight. It is inconceivable for tax payers money to be spent on something that brings little to no significant revenue. Haitians should be outraged by this. over 20.000 people are still living under tents in the street of Port-au-Prince, thousands are still sicken by cholera, merely 2 % of the country is forested, Haiti is nearly 70% dependent on importation.
The short term benefit of such investments are too minimal for us to be wasting our resources in. Imported, fabricated tourist attraction will not work at this point. It is laughable to think that any type of tourists will visit Haiti, for Ice skating spectacles.