Nemours Jean Baptiste 

NEmours Jean Baptiste

Nemours Jean Baptiste was born on February 2, 1918 in Port-au-Prince to Lucia and Clement Jean Baptiste.
Nemours is mostly known as the "Creator" of the very popular Haitian style music, Compas or Konpa in Haitian Creole; a meringue type of music, that people of Haiti been singing and dancing to since the 1800's. Nemours Jean Baptiste popularized the genre by improvising and holding the rhythm section steady, making it fun and easier to dance to.  Nemours was a very gifted saxophonist, guitarist and banjoist. Most of his instrumental skills were self taught. Being the creator of a much needed new music style at the time, Nemours fame quickly sky rocketed; both nationally and internationally. He would frequently play in many clubs in NYC and even a the UN headquarter once, where he would receive an honorary plaque for his talents and achievements. Nemours Jean Baptiste died on May 18, 1985, leaving behind a monumental legacy. Today Compas is not only the National music genre of Haiti, but also the basis for almost all the new musical genres in most of the Caribbean countries, and even some African countries as well. Cape Verde is a prime example. Annual Compas festival are held in many major cities worldwide, such as New York City, Miami, Boston, Orlando, Montreal, Paris; attracting huge crowds, in the tens of thousands. Nemours Jean Baptiste was a true artist with unquestionable talents, whom Haitians will always be thankful and proud of.

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