There are 2 resorts to accommodate tourists in Les Cayes, they are located on the beautiful and unspoiled island of Ile-a-Vache. Port Morgan and, Abaka Bay which has recently been claseed at number 38 on CNN world's most beautiful beach. This secluded Island is the best kept in the entire country.You can admire the impressive mountains in main land of Les Cayes, while relaxing under one of the numerous majestic coconut tree that populate the snow white sand beaches. Ile-a-Vache is bursting with a paradise of lush mountains and turquoise blue Atlantic Ocean, mysterious outcropping rocks and pirate caves. This paradise island is about 13km  long and 3.2km wide with an area of 52km2 and a population of around 10.000 inhabitants. It was named Isla Vaca by Christopher Columbus upon his disembarkation and retain that name for over 2 centuries until the Treaty of Riswick between France and Spain which divided the Island of Hispaniola in 2, after the Independence of Haiti in 1804, the Island translated it's name to French, from Spanish.

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 Les Cayes

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 Les Cayes, locally known as Aux Cayes (on the Cayes) sits in upon the southern shoreline of Haiti with a population of 45,904 people; making it the 4th largest town in the country. It is also the capital of the Sud Department. The city of Les Cayes was founded in 1503 during the government of Nicola de Ovando; one of the Spanish invaders who named that beautiful town "Zabana Salvatierra" Translating into (Land of the Saved Water) I can guarantee you that you will see why below. Rivers, falls, cascade and beaches affirm once again that Haiti's beauty is one of a kind. The landscapes of Les Cayes will leave anyone speechless and is bound to make fall in love within the very first sight. 

Les Cayes offers its visitors a sightseeing experience that truly will last a lifetime. Mountains in Les Cayes are spectacularly tall and covered with thick vegetations. Its never too hot Les Cayes, its tropical climate is pleasurable all year round. Although Les Cayes  does not attract as much tourist as Jacmel or Cap Haitian, its tourism industry is rapidly growing. 

Les Cayes is one of Haiti's major ports where coffee, sugarcane and bananas are exported. Les Cayes is also the world largest supplier of vetiver. A necessary ingredient of perfume and fragrance manufacturing. It exports over 60 tons annually. As are most of the cities of Haiti which are not close to the capital. Les Cayes is very quiet and offer some of the best exotic sea scenery on the Caribbean. As you can see from some of the pictures that we display on here. Its distance to the Capital Port-au-Prince, it's landscape, white sand and crystal blue water beaches, make Les Cayes one of the preferred tourist spots in the country. Although Les Cayes does not attract as much tourists as Jacmel and Cap-Haitien due to lack of advertisement and investment, it maintains a moderate but fastly rising tourist industry. When a tourist visit Les Cayes, they experience pristine coral reefs with tropical fish, fruit stands displaying colorful papaya, mangoes, guava... all kind of tasty fruits that you can think of. Deforestation is not a major concern there; thick vegetation cover most of its landscape.  Les Cayes is also proudly the home of Haiti's only botanical garden.

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A few miles from Les Cayes, about 30 minutes walking, in the small town of Port-à-Piment, is located one of the biggest cave systems in the Caribbean and the biggest in the country. Grotte Marie-Jeanne.
Grotte Marie-Jeanne is an unusual cave system with respect to its morphology, layout and in terms of its natural resources (geologic, biologic, historic. cultural, and archeological.) The caves contain a number of significant natural resources including speleothems of all types and sizes, and speleogens that are unique to tropical caves. The series of large passages and chambers are visually enhanced by the large, intact and undamaged speleothems that cover the walls, ceilings and floors.

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Every year, Les Cayes host one of the biggest beach festival in the Caribbean. Gelé. Thousands of people from all over the country and the diaspora come to enjoy the city's food, music, and of course the beach. This year, 2012, Les Cayes was chosen to host the country's National Carnival, in an effort to put the City as one of the tourist hot spots in the Caribbean. It was the very first time that the Carnival festivities would be held outside of Port-au-Prince. Millions of dollars were spent by the Haitian government, and the private sector to make the Carnival of Les Cayes a success. And it totally paid of.

If you believe everything that is being portrayed about Haiti in the international media, you are missing what could be the best adventure of your life. Les Cayes is one of the many proof that you should give Haiti a chance when you're thinking about taking a break from your hectic life. Join the People of Les Cayes for a lifetime lasting experience; not only you won't regret it, but you'll take your family and friends with you when the urge for a vacation knocks at your door again. Take plenty of pictures and help Haiti recover from its image assassination, and be part of the team that want to show the world " Another Side of Haiti®"

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