For more than a century now, on July 16th, thousands of Haitian pilgrims from all over Haiti and the Diaspora, have trekked to the picturesque grove where legend has it, the Virgin Mary may have had appeared on a palm tree near the 100-foot waterfall and began healing the sick.

Since the virgin Mary is associated with the Vodou spirits Erzulie, thousands of Vodouisant attend and perform beautiful dance, worships ceremonies, and festivities at the pleasure of tourists.

Saut D'eau literally translates to waterfall is located in the small village of Ville Bonheur ( Village of Happiness) It has lots of streams and springs which make it fresh, green and very fertile. The scenic view of the natural waterfall and the surrounding mountains is formidable, and have been ranked by many as one of the most spectacular fall in the region.

Under the leadership of the Haitian Tourism Ministry, a centre d'accueil have been built, and professionals are hired to welcome visitors. Saut D'eau is truly a beautiful place to visit, not just during the festivities, but all year around.