jacmel colonial house

Founded in 1698, Jacmel is a beautiful picturesque town in Haiti, located in the South East part of the country; only 2 hours driving, and 15 minutes by plane; from the capital Port-au-Prince. The road to Jacmel are among the best in the country, and; driving to Jacmel can be an experience on its own, as you get the chance to truly enjoy the breath taking views of the many lush majestic mountains,
up and down valleys, as far as the eyes can see.

Jacmel is also known for its 19th century colonial houses, which were inhabited by wealthy coffee merchants; still preserving all their charms of yesteryear. The city of New Orleans in the USA,
was designed after Jacmel.

bassin bleue

Jacmel posses one of the most diverse coastline in the Caribbean. Ranging from white as snow, to dark as charcoal beaches.
Rivers and falls are bound to mesmerize everyone who's laid eyes on them. When you hike to the Bassin Bleue, the pristine, natural unspoiled mother nature little hidden secret. Your path is in the middle of almond trees, mango coconut, and apricot, not the common apricot. But the famously delicious apricot that is endemic to the island of Hispaniola. You hear birds singing, colorful lizards crossing your paths, goats and sheep are roaming in the wild. and the sun mistling through the tall Mapou branches. You hear the river very near, but you still have to hike a little more, and a little more, and even more, to finally get to it. The view that surround you is something that you'd expect to see in a post card. But no, this is Jacmel, Haiti. Bassin Bleu is truly a wonder, and no matter how many pictures are posted on the internet, you absolutely have to experience it yourself to believe it.

jacmel carnival

 One truly cannot talk about Jacmel without mentioning its sublime Carnival, which is rivaled and compared only to the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro and Trinidad in terms of beauty and colors. Jacml Carnival is uniquely famous for its breathtaking paper mache masks. For 3 days, Haitians of all background, rich, poor, black, white and mulatre in Jacmel come together to create magnificent deployment of masks, colors and dances. They join their artistic talents to create one of the best carnival in the region. You've never been to a carnival until you've been to the one in Jacmel. Loud musics, people in colorful costumes, dancing; hundreds and hundreds huge colorful masks, amazingly decorated streets and balconies. The customs, social life and other menage of experiences associated with Jacmel's carnival represents an expressive attitude that inspires the people of this proud nation a reason to forget their pain, sorrow associated with sociopolitical troubles. In one word, the present and everyday life for the majority of the people of Haiti, and escape to the wild hedonistic Carnival of Jacmel. Every mask and costume satirically portrays a part of their struggles and concerns. Jacmel's Carnival is also a celebration of the beauty, history and power of African Culture in the diaspora in Haiti, in the diaspora in the Caribbean and definitely  major contributor to the world Culture's History.

Jacmel Film Festival 

Jacmel film festival

 Jacmel is the most dynamic and interesting place to begin to comprehend this often misunderstood nation that Haiti is. If you are planning on visiting the Caribbean, make sure that a trip to Jacmel is on top of your list. Many famous American, French, Danish, Spanish have made Jacmel their permanent residence. As you have  probably figured, you will be nothing but amazed by the natural beauty of this little paradise, and The kindness of its people, that truthfully makes it mysteriously addictive. Jacmelians are proud to let everyone know that their are the nicest and Jacmel is the safest in the country. Telling you to feel free to walk around anytime. They take so much pride of the city there, that it is impossible to not notice that this place is uncommonly welcoming.  Michael Capponi, an internationally famous American Luxury constructions executive, Millionaire, who've won dozen of awards for his humanitarian work and work achievement, have made Jacmel his permanent home, and his actively working to make Jacmel an even more beautifully unique and appealing place. Jacmel is going through its biggest renovation ever. After the many damages that it suffered from the deadly January 12 Earthquake, the Haitian Government, artist lovers and the international community had come together to help keep and protect Jacmel's role as the tourist hub of the country, and its uniqueness in the region. Jacmel is a UNESCO World Heritage Sites candidate.The Haitian Government has already released a $40 Million fund for the reparation of the city's major landmarks, and to keep it clean. Major progress have already been made. By 2014 Jacmel Regional Airport will become an international airport, with work already begun. The renovation of the Airport of Jacmel is $30 Million.
Hotel is very easy to find for the most part of the year. Except during of course, carnival and the biggest Film Festival of the country and one of the biggest in the region,

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