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The United States and Germany have had long interest in Mole Saint Nicholas. Then American president Woodrow Wilson, wanted Mole Saint Nicholas as a potential coaling station and naval base. Wilson had even approved the plan for the construction of a naval base 20 miles long and 10 miles wide. The residents were to be given the options of either selling their lands to the United States or become American citizens if they wished to remain.



Catherine Flon

Posted by on Wednesday, October 8, 2014
catherine Flon

Catherine Flon was the goddaughter of Jean Jacques Dessalines and played a huge role in the Haitian Revolution as a nurse. She is not really remembered and revered as nurse, but widely recognized in all Haiti as a heroine for sewing the first Haitian Flag in Archaie.
On May 1803, Dessalines created the first Haitian Flag by ripping apart the French one (blue,white and red), threw the white portion away, and have Catherine Flon stitched together the remaining parts horizontally to create the first version of the Haitian Flag. Today Catherine Flon is celebrated in Haiti on May 18, which is also the Haitian Flag's Day. Her picture is featured on a 10 Gourdes Haitian Banknote issued in 2000.