Colonial navy of France

The rigidly regulated Saint Domingue commerce was known as the Exclusive; a policy whose sole goal was to guaranteed that the wealth of Saint Domingue would benefit France exclusively.

Whatever manufactured goods the colonists needed they were compelled to buy from France. They could sell their produce only to France. The goods were to be transported only in French ships manned by french sailors or captains. The colonist were not allowed to refine sugar or cacao which had to be exported to France in a crude form to be refined in French factories. The entire textile industry of France was based on cotton imported from Saint Domingue. The metropolis would not send out all the goods that the colonist wanted, and charged nearly twice as much as they were accustomed to pay. This decree led to an economical boom of the French cities of Nantes, Bordeaux, Marseilles, Normandy and Dieppe. 

As the prosperity of Saint Domingue grew, the colonists found the restrictions more and more intolerable. Political dependence on the mother country, was now retarding the economic growth of Saint Domingue. The white planters then begun plots for independence from France. All white Saint Domingue, pro independence and anti, were united on one common ground- the maintenance of slavery.