Haitian Flag

The Haitian Flag is one of the oldest flags in the world, the highest symbol of the Republic of Haiti is also viewed as symbol of unity for not only Haitian, but all people with African descent, considering that it was the symbol used by the slaves of Haiti to accomplish the only successful slave revolt in the History of the Human Race. 
The earliest version of the Haitian Flag was created by Jean Jacques Dessalines in Archaie, on May 18th 1803. After winning a fierce battle against the French Army, Jean Jacques Dessalines took a French Flag, blue white and red; tear out the white part in symbolization of getting rid of white French masters, he then gave the remaining two pieces to his god-daughter Catherine Flon, who would sew the very first Haitian Flag.

Haiti arms coat
Haitian flag

 After Its Independence, Haiti saw a variety of governments. Kingdoms, dictatorships, militias, occupation and democratic, each with their own vision of what the Haitian flag should be.
The one above is the current official and legitimate Haiti's National Flag; in 1807 President Alexandre Petion enshrined in the constitution, his vision of how the National Symbol should be. The Article 3 of the constitution requires:

" The emblem of the Haitian Nation shall be a flag with the following description:
a. Two (2) equal sized horizontal bands: a blue one on top and a red one underneath;
b. The coat of arms of the Republic are: a Palmette surmounted by the liberty cap, and under the Royal palm for Independence is the trophy of Arms ready to defend Freedom, with the legend: " L'union Fait La Force" Unity Makes strength in the forefront.
In the center, on a square of white cloth, are placed the Coat of Arms of the Republic."
haitian flag celebration

Haiti's National Flag Day is very important to its people, and despite high level of illiteracy among adults, everyone knows the story of the flag. To emphasize the importance of such a glorious day, school all over the country have patriotic songs and dance competition throughout the streets, attracting crowds of thousands. It is the custom for the President to give a speech in the city that gave birth to the flag, Archaie. May 18th is equally important for Haitians living in the diaspora. Festivals in cities where people of Haitian descent are prevalent, such as Miami, New York City, Montreal, Quebec and Paris.

The last clause of Haiti's National Anthem is dedicated to the National Flag. 

Nou gon drapo tankou tout Pèp.
Se pou-n renmen-l, mouri pou li.
Se pa kado, blan te fè nou
Se san Zansèt nou yo ki te koule
Pou nou kenbe drapo nou wo
Se pou-n travay met tèt ansanm.
Pou lòt, peyi, ka respekte'n

                           Drapo sila a se nanm tout Ayisyen  

We have a flag like all people
We must love it, die for it.
It was not a gift from the whites
It was our Ancestors blood that flooded.
Must we keep our flag high
We must work, we must be together
For other countries to respect Us.
 This flag is the soul of the Haitian People. 

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