Marriott officially opens its luxurious hotel's doors in Haiti

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The 174 room Marriott Port-au-Prince Hotel officially opened February 24th 2015.

Located in the green an quiet residential neighborhood of Turgeau, a few miles from the capital city's international Airport,the hotel offers lush surroundings for visitors;a resort-like atmosphere complete with rooftop pool and ground poolside bar and top notch fitness facility for leisure travelers, as well as large event space and state-of-the-art internet for visitors with business needs.

The suites and hallways are decorated with world class Haitian paintings and other artworks, the property will also jost a weekly market on site to give local artists a chance to sell their crafts to guests. Antitoph, the hotel manager said that this new hotel " ..announces to the world that Haiti is really coming back like a phoenix."
Live music entertainment will be provided every weekend on the roof.
"We want to show the country's true spirit," the excited manager said.

The Marriott Port-au-Prince project emerged from a partnership between the executives of Marriott, the Clinton Foundation and Haiti's largest telecommunication company, Digicel for the cost of $45 million.


The luxurious hotel will serve Haitian, French and other delicacies. Inside the restaurant will also be located Haiti's first Starbucks, using the locally produce strong Haitian blue mountain, loved by Coffee connoisseurs.
The Manager said that the hotel will  buy everything as locally as possible, not  just coffee, but also tilapia from a nearby fish farm and other locally produce necessities such as vegetables and meats, the likes of chicken, beef, lambs etc...

The Marriott Port-au-Prince has instantly become one of Haiti's largest employers. 200 new jobs at the hotel and contracts with 2.500 local farmers to produced the famed Haitian coffee, providing not only a source of income to impoverished farmers, but tremendously contributing to Haiti's reforestation efforts while reviving the coffee industry.

This project is one of the most socially conscious in Haiti, one whose example should be followed.

The head of state, Michel Martelly, Prime Minister, Mr. Evans Paul, former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, members of the Board of Directors of Marriott Hotel Haiti, the Regional President of Marriott International, former President US Bill Clinton and US Ambassador to Haiti, Pamela Ann White, took part in the opening ceremony of the Marriott Haiti. 

President Martelly argued that this hotel is of great importance for Haiti, which is in the process of recovering its place on the world tourist map. "The efforts of my administration for nearly 4 years, beginning to bear fruit. The choice to implement this hotel in Turgeau is an encouraging sign that participates in the government's desire to breathe new life and a new image to the city center Port-au-Prince, very affected by the earthquake of January 12, "he said.

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