Haiti have begun producing and exporting cornflakes

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With the Caribbean Food Manufacturing SA Haiti, located in Santo product of cornflakes for the local market and exports part of its production to Jamaica, Panama and Belize. This Haitian company  is also about to export its cornflakes to Florida and Costa Rica.  A spotlight on the Caribbean Food Manufacturing SA, one of the few Haitian companies to export transformed food products.

In Santo 17 Croix-des-Bouquets, a processing plant is set on 36,000 square feet, two years after the earthquake of January 12, 2010. Its name is Caribbean Food Manufacturing. The plant, flagship of the company, is the result of an investment of several million dollars, granted by the Haitian, John M. Batroni advance of its Director General

The company specializes in the preparation of cornflakes, a derivative of corn foodstuff. The Caribbean Food Manufacturing is well equips. This plant is endowed with new equipment and ultra-modern.

Caribbean Food Manufacturing includes everything you need to produce: the storage spaces for raw materials has laboratories for testing cornflakes. In this plant, preparation of cornflakes, a dish with the base corn, cooked with sugar and vitamins, are made according to the quality standards and cleanliness, the highest.

CFM will receive its ISO 9001 certification at the latest in September.

A first for a Haitian company in its sector. A rare event for the whole country. With corn flakes, Caribbean Food Manufacturing satisfies a large part of the local demand for selling part of its production in Haiti for private brands. For export, the factory produces for brands Grace, Best Value and Healthy Crunch. These marks are meant exclusively for export. << We made our first export to the Jamaica in March 2014. Since then, a lot has been achieved contracts for exports to other countries, including Belize, United States (Florida).

 Gradually advance, and we are proud to be a Haitian company, which exports a transformed food product, said John M has >> Batroni

The idea of ​​creating this company was born after the earthquake of 12 January 2010 with a view to invest in a wounded country. So they consulted all major importers of cereals in the country. << The main shareholders of CFM were the largest importers of cereals. They were together for the competition. We were able to unite around this project. This is a good example, says Batroni, specifying that the plant equipment installation had begun in May 2012. The production debuted in March 2013.

Caribbean Food Manufacturing is a plant that has been conducted to 99% by Haitian technicians. The settings after the beginning, it operates 24/7 with a staff of 83 full time employees.

"We stop the engines every 12 days for maintenance work for two or three days. Journaliere Production of the plant is estimated at 14 tonnes. Caribbean Food Manufacturing operates the second cornflakes factory moved into the Caribbean," advance Batroni, to highlight the innovative role of this project.

"The factory is well equipped to prepare other dishes bottles flakes with corn grain, but time makes us default. Has Reybrouck indicate Philippe Van, head of operations and production at its site visit to a Team building Nouvelliste led by the editor-in-chief Frantz Duval, as part of the launch tower Nouvelliste Haiti a series on success stories Haitians.

Currently, officials of the Caribbean Food Manufacturing are currently developing a new concept.

 The leaders of this company are working with ministries of Tourism, Agriculture and Economy to produce packaging that could help sell the country's image in the United States where they will, by the end of first half of 2015, export cornflakes made specifically for brands in Florida.

"This new cornflakes will be presented in a package with images of our tourist sites, effigies of our ancestors, the logo of the Ministry of Tourism and information about the history of our country," proudly explains Batroni.

The courtyard of the factory in Santo, containers waiting to go to the port for export lice, others are filled with bags of corn, the main raw material of this industry.

"We do not use the Haitian corn to make corn flakes. The Haitian maize is good quality, like Argentina, but we must find the best way to make the cornflakes."

We work with the Ministry of Agriculture and specialized companies to use the Haitian corn cornflakes prepared to be presented in packaging designed to sell the country's image abroad. "Specifies Batroni

Meanwhile, on each container exported by the Caribbean Food Manufacturing there is a real challenge to cover the cost of transportation. The plant receives the support of shipping lines, particularly Seafreight. The plant produce its own electricity with generators battery.

One difficulty after another, the leaders of the Caribbean Food Manufacturing compete to meet local demand and export their products.

"Foreigners have a wrong perception of Haiti. We did a lot of marketing before selling our products because of the negative image they have of the country. It also has the problem to the general competitiveness of the country" reveals M Batroni, who remains optimistic about the potential of the country out of the doldrums in which it is located.

Batroni welcomes the fact that authorities; the Ministry of Commerce and Industry,  of Agriculture as well as the Ministry of Economy and Finance have understood from the beginning the process that is to produce locally and to export.

Meanwhile, in addition to produce and export, the Caribbean Food Manufacturing won most of the battles, that of taste. Consumers like their products and appreciate them in Haiti and abroad.

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