CARIFESTA is the largest international multicultural event in the Caribbean, where artists, musicians, historians, authors gather to participate in the exhibition of artistic shows such as singing and folkloric dances,historic colloquiums throughout the cities of a particular Caribbean country.

This year, Haiti has the honor of hosting this enormous and prestigious cultural event, which will shine a bright spotlight on the country's rising tourism industry. The Haitian government has invested heavily to ensure that CARIFESTA is a total success. Theatres, museums, exhibition halls, galleries and centres are having infrastructural face lifts as the country invites the world to the largest cultural exhibition of the region.

CARIFESTA is a great challenge, as well as a unique opportunity for the country which has never hosted this event before, to showcase its acclaimed cultural and historical heritage, as well as its arts, musics and culinary.

Haiti has the richest culture and an unrivaled History in the Caribbean and Latin America. It
 is the first black republic in the world; the first independent country in the Caribbean and Latin America and second in the Americas, after the United States. The only nation in the history of mankind whose independence was a result of a successful slave rebellion. Haiti is the land where it all began. It is the Mecca for black people around the world.

The over 2.500 visitors that will come form 19 different countries will be impressed by the most African land outside of Africa. When they step foot on Haiti's soil, they will immediately understand that this island is the eldest daughter of Africa.
The traditions of the old continent are more vivid in the largest speaking Kreyòl country than anywhere else in the world. Think of Haiti as Africa in the Caribbean and Latin America.

The sacred drums of Vodou, the African Continent's oldest religion, continues to fill the quiet nights in Haiti.


 The 9 days encompassing CARIFESTA will start in Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince, then the flock of visitors will have a chance to experience some of the best Haitian cities. Such as the city of art and pristine beaches, Jacmel; the eco-city of Les Cayes, the historic city of Cap-Haitien where guesses would visit the Citadelle; the largest fortress of the Western Hemisphere, as well as the ruins of the Sans Souci Palace; both UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Well known Haitian artist Emeline Michel, James Germain, Erol Josué, Beethova Obas, Carole Demesmin, The Group T-Vice, J-Perry, Tabou Combo, among others will join their Caribbean counterparts such as Alisson Hinds from Barbados; Julia Varis from Mexico; Ophélia Marie, from Dominica, Anthony Drew, Flash Mob Barbados as well as countless others performers that will provide a fantastic ambiance to the thousands local and international visitors expected.

So come on down! If you are an art and culture lover, a world or inexperienced back pack traveler, this event is the perfect one for you. Submerge yourself in one of the pristine bassin bleu in Jacmel, or trek the path to the imposing Citadel, or let the spirits and the rhythm of the sacred drums move you during a Vodou ceremony at lakou souvenans, or joy enjoy learning Haiti's history from the numbers of scholars attending the colloquiums around the country.

Even if you are on a budget, you should still come visit, airlines and hotels chains around the country in collaboration with Haiti's Minister of Tourism have put en place special packaged to accommodate you.

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