michael jean

 Emigrated from Haiti at the early age 11, Michael Jean left Haiti with her family in 1957 in fear of then Dictatorship government of François Duvalier and settled in Montreal. 
Jean pursued her master's studies in comparative literature and taught at the Montreal University's faculty of Italian studies after earning a bachelor of Arts degree in Italian and Hispanic languages at that same university, While teaching and still attending college. Michael Jean, for eight years, worked with Quebec Shelters for battered women, and as a journalist and broadcaster. On September 27, 2005, Michael Jean became Canada's 27th Governor General Carrying out duties of Head of state. Michael Jean is the first black person and the second women after Adrienne Clarkson to ever hold that post.
During her mandate, the Governor General has been awarded numerous honorary degrees from many universities. Her excellence Michaelle Jean is an icon figure among not only Haitian women, but throughout Canada and the world. Her personal perseverance to achieve her accomplishments is an inspiration. She is the proof that no matter what you're background is, if you work hard, the doors of success will be wide open for you.