Yole Derose

Yole Derose is an iconic Haitian singer born in Port-au-Prince on April 5th, 1955 to a wealthy, but very religious family. During her adolescent years, Yole Derose joined the choir of the church where her parents regularly attended, as the lead singer. Although very attracted to music, according to her, her parents, specially her father, prohibited her to pursue a singing career.  She was sent to Quebec, Canada to pursue her collegiate education. While residing in Canada she met the very famous Haitian singer who was one of the most commercially successful Haitian artist at the time, Ansy Derose, during one of his concert at the Laval Quebec University, where Yole was an alumni. Ansy was strike by the natural beauty of Yole and shortly thereafter the two embarked into a romance that resulted in quick marriage. Yole, born, Delan took the last name of her new husband, Derose. She was only 20 years old. Impressed by the singing talents of his beautiful bride, Ansy made it his mission to help Yole get into the music industry. At a concert in Puerto Rico, Ansy introduced his wife to the crowd at the Fifth International Festival of Song and Voice, in Puerto Rico, in 1979. The two interpreted their very first song together "Merci" (Thank You), leaving a pleasantly surprised crowd. The two love birds birds immediately became a media sensation in Haiti and in the Diaspora, not only for their breath taking love songs performances that followed the one in Puerto Rico, but also for their public display of affection. The two seem perfect for each other, and their countless love duets made them the envy and admiration of their fans, which continuously grew. They struggled to keep their lives private and were the subject of many speculations in the media, throughout the country.
 After the death of her husband Ansy, on January 17th 1998, Yole had no choice but to engage in a solo singing career. The beautiful songstress success continued and her demand continued throughout the Caribbean, Canada, the United States and France. Yole Derose is not only known for her beautiful love song in both French and Haitian Creole,  her emotionally charged songs usually directly speaking about the social struggles of Haitians and the political and economical brigandage of the country, usually bring tears to the eyes. One of the most famous of such songs is the one playing in the background, tonton Nwel (santa), describing a typical christmas of a poor child in Haiti. Although apolitical, she never misses the opportunities to slam Haitian politicians, blaming them for the demise of Haiti. Today, Yole Derose reside in Canada and has never been remarried. She retires from music, but continues to make rare concert appearances at the demand of her hundreds of thousands of fans. She also now work in the fashion industry, interior design and has recently founded a dance company in Haiti, helping young girls explore their talents. Yole Derose remains one of the most beloved Haitian Artists to this day, and has never ceased to amaze everyone with her talents and creole beauty.