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Emeline Michel is an accomplished international singer, songwriter, composer and last but definitely not least an amazing dancer, born in 1966 in Gonaives, a city in Northern Haiti. Not unlike many successful singers, before fame, Emeline Michel used to sing at the choir of her uncle church in Gonaives. She left her hometown to pursue her secondary education in Port-au-Prince, almost immediately after moving to the capital, Emeline Michel was discovered and within a couple of months she released her first single, Akai Kao; the song catchy tunes made it an instant international smashing hit, all while still in high school. After completing high school, Emeline received a scholarship to study music at the Detroit Jazz Center in the United States upon winning a talent contest. She received her bachelor in music studies, then returned to Haiti as a professional musician, and established herself as one of the top artist in Haiti, touring much of the Caribbean. The newest sensation of Creole music became an icon, and her appearance was in high demand, in numerous jazz festival all over the world. Including Canada, France and the United States of America. Emeline Michel success continued to rise as she grace the covers of numerous cultural and Afro related magazines, and lending her much valued opinions on different subjects, most notably women issues, and poverty eradication in not only Haiti, but other third world countries around the world; in various TV and radio shows. Prominent news paper in the US and Canada started to take notice of the Haitian songstress.  It was no surprise, when former President of the United States, Bill Clinton, chose Emeline Michel as the headline performer for his 2006, Clinton Global Initiative in NY City, an event gathering over 2000 world's leaders, Presidents, famous thinkers, and prominent dignitaries.

" The dancing ambassador with a voice warm like a breeze"

                                                                   The NY Times

"Concentrated with sun, tears, sad and mud on the musical genres Kompa, Rara, and sacred and profound rhythms, these Kreyol roots find again a way to nourish themselves from the deserted soil of the magical land, Haiti."

                                                                                                                                                                             La Presse de Montreal

"The new Goddess of Creole music"

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.

 Aside the countless love songs that she meticulously sings in Creole and in French, the queen of Haitian music, has also always been an avid speaker against the political instabilities of her beloved land. Through many of her hit songs, she has criticized many leaders who have contributed to Haiti continued degradation, and always call for the unity of the Haitian people to save the country. Haiti's past political climates have forced Emeline to permanently reside in Paris, then Canada, and now New York City. But unsurprisingly, her heart wrenching lyrics overwhelmingly emphasize her dearest dream, which is to one day be able to come back and live in Haiti.

                      "Haiti is our misfortune, Haiti is our happiness; we are not diaspora, we are just trapped."

                                                                                                                                            Emeline Michel 

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