Carl Jaro 



Born on August 16th 1987, in Port-au-Prince, Carl Jaro is a Haitian model, actor and producer. He migrated to France with his parents in 1999.

Carl Jaro, since his discovery by a Jamaican modeling agency as a teenager, has become one of the very few models of colors, and even more so, of Haitian descents who can claim relative success in the unforgiving european modeling world.  His professionalism and of course his good look, has led him collaborations around the world with some of the fashion industry's most popular and respected brands. Signatures such as Elektrod, Adidas, H&M, Fauvette Natco, Men by Men among others.

Those who have worked with him have dubbed him "Petit Prince d'Haiti" Little Prince of Haiti; due to his charming spirit and personality. 

Despite much success abroad, Carl Jaro is not a well known figure throughout Haiti, but that may be about the change. The young model has kept himself even more busy by producing and starring in his own movie; his first cinematography production "Les amants de couleur" (Lovers of color) which even though has not officially been yet released, is already controversial and generating much talk, because Jaro has decided to address a subject that is very much taboo in Haiti: Homosexuality.  

Les amants de couleur



Carl Jaro in Les amants de couleur, the first Haitian gay movie, sheds lights on one of the most serious issues facing the LGBT community, in Haiti as well as around the world: Suicide. 

The film narrates a love story between two men "Yann" and "Aman". They live their love story for five years in reclusion, as they never manage to come out due to societal expectations. To hide his homosexuality and avoid suspicions Yann decided three years after meeting his male lover to marry a young woman name Gabie. But a day before the wedding, Gabie found out about Yann relations with another man and threatens to cancel the wedding. Under the intimidation of Gabie, Aman eventually gave up. 

Carl Jaro admits that this movie despite some negatives comments it had received from conservatives Haitians at home and in the diaspora; is his first tool of war against homophobia and he remains committed to fight and highlight the problem of ignorance and acceptation of male homosexuality among our community.

"In response to my critics on social networks, I preach tolerance. Ignorance can turn violent, at least learn to be tolerant of a fictional work. Humanity will be better, if we did show tolerance towards each other."

Jaro does not rejoice at being the one to produce the first "Haitian gay movie", instead he believes that his work shows how late we are in the fight against homophobia in Haiti.

Les amants de couleur will make openings in France, Haiti, as well as the French Antilles in September.